Save, Bookmark Locations On Map On Windows Phone 7

March 27, 2012

To forget is very human. Often, it happens with all of us that we are going somewhere for some other reason and on the way our eyes fell upon some store, restaurant, shop, showroom, etc and we think of coming back someday later and visit the same because we can’t always drop what we are […]

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Find Food Calories With Windows Phone 7

March 26, 2012

This new year there must be many out there with a new year resolution of staying fit and healthy and not letting inactive lifestyles and bad eating habits taking a toll on their bodies. After all, no one likes to get ill and lie lifeless on their beds for long time. Now don’t feel helpless, […]

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Write Daily Dairy On Windows Phone 7

March 25, 2012

Being a child i remember keeping a personal diary where in i used to write my daily life experiences and secrets. That alone moments with the personal diary at night before going to bed where always very cherishing and refreshing. Many of you out there must be agreeing with me. My then my friends! that […]

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Find The Track On Map With Symbian Mobile Phones

March 24, 2012

Has it happened to you sometimes that you are out in your car to some far off place where you haven’t been before and you are lost and you quite don’t remember the route you have taken so you can’t go back either? Well, this happens with most of us at some time or the […]

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Get Notified Of Free, Discounted Windows Phone Apps

March 23, 2012

For all the Windows Phone users as well as the app developers, there is this one app on the Windows Phone marketplace that benefits both the groups, those on the receiving end i.e. the users and those on the giving end i.e. the app developers/publishers – AppDeals. With AppDeals app, you can get exclusive great […]

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Get Free Weather Updates On Windows Phone

March 22, 2012

World Weather app for Windows Phone is not a new mobile app in the Windows Phone marketplace. It has been there for a while and is a very useful, effective app. It has just come up with its ‘Free’ version now i.e. you can now download it for free from the marketplace. World Weather App […]

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