Find Near By Places To Eat Out For People Having Coeliac Disease.

February 25, 2012

Coeliac/Celiac(pronounced see-liac) disease is an ‘autoimmune‘ disease i.e. it arises from an inappropriate immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body. Now, Gluten(a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species, including barley and rye) triggers an immune reaction in people with coeliac disease. This […]

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Homework Planner For Windows Phone 7

February 24, 2012

If you are a student and finding it hard to get hold of the homework or test pressures back at school/college just because you often fail to remember the dates or deadlines for the work that you were supposed to finish for a particular day or class and you end up being screwed for the […]

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Send Fax From Windows Phone 7 With MobileFax App.

February 23, 2012

Today, mind-blowing Smartphones running on awesome Operating Systems with the countless number of very exciting and extremely useful mobile apps now enables us to do almost anything on the go, for which earlier we have to be physically present at a particular place and at a set time. Yes, the power of Smartphones amuses me […]

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Study Material App From Microsoft For WP7 Phones

February 22, 2012

In this era of Smartphones and high-tech, one would not like to go by the traditional ways of doing certain things. Academics is one such area where the students, teachers, researchers and all across the globe would like to have other alternatives to getting their hands on the subjects concerned and have a more easy […]

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Take Photo Of Food & Calculate Calories In Windows Phone 7

February 21, 2012

With urban, sedentary lifestyle taking a toll on human health and people attracting health problems at a younger age, we also are getting more conscious about the quality and quantity of our food intake. We are on a constant lookout for some help and i am sure that the MealSnap mobile app can help us […]

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Solve Math Equations On Windows Phone 7

February 20, 2012

When in school, i had always experienced one thing about the Math subject – for some students it was as easy like playing your favorite game/sports and for some this subject was the cause of their sleepless nights. The mathHelper app for Windows Phone devices will definitely gonna bring some relief to the latter lot. […]

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