Password Saver Manager For Windows Phone 7

by Kabir on May 26, 2011

It’s a cumbersome task to remember each and every password, and it’s certainly not safe to keep a unique password for every detail. Be it your internet banking passwords, internet passwords, mobile banking passwords or any other miscellaneous password, each is there to keep your data safe and encrypted. So for so many details over the internet and mobile, you need separate passwords. So here’s a new app for Windows Phone 7 users, called the Password Manager, which does more than just managing your passwords.

Besides, saving your internet and mobile banking passwords safe and secure, the app syncs these passwords with your PC using DropBox. Users can even edit passwords using MS Excel and sync them back. The app is highly organised, if we out it in simple words. It is divided into four pivots namely, internet, mobile, credit/debit and miscellaneous for quick and easy use. It has a back up feature as well. In addition, if you buy a new phone or update your OS or just in case re-install the app, there is no need to add all the data again. You can easily sync all the stored data back using DropBox.

Key Features of Password Manager

  • Secure encrypted database using AES 256
  • Password categorized into four pivots, internet, credit/debit cards, Banks and miscellaneous for easy retrieval.
  • Dropbox sync supported, so you can backup to the cloud and restore the password database from Dropbox.
  • Passwords available on PC or on the web. This works if you upload an Excel version (XML) of the password database to Dropbox.
  • Passwords can be created in Excel and then synced with the phone app via Dropbox, so that it would be easy to load all your data to the phone.
  • Password data can be synced with any number of phones from Dropbox.
  • If you buy a new phone or re-install the app or OS, you can sync from Dropbox and no need to re-enter all your data
  • Local phone password database back up and restore functionality
  • Security features include timeout and unsuccessful login attempts which can be configured in settings
  • A total of about 30 fields for each password record, allowing you to enter lots of information
  • Notes field to enter bulky information.
  • Fast data entry, all fields are optional; pressing enter key will take you to the next field.
  • Choice of numeric only or alpha numeric password for your master password.
  • Master password could be changed any number of times
  • Phone call, email and browser can be launched from the app

Take a look at the video of WP7 Password Manager App, click here.


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