Pay Your Bills Using Your Nokia Phone

by Kabir on August 26, 2010

How about paying your bills, recharging your prepaid account or even shopping using just your Nokia mobile handset. Well, here is introducing Nokia Money Services, brought to us by Yes Bank & Powered by Nokia. Nokia Money Services, provides us a range of services, especially for our comfort. Nokia users can recharge their prepaid account, get prompts (which are set by the user) for paying bills on time and most importantly, it helps us in transferring money to our friends and family by just simple-touch-of-the-key on our mobile phones.

The services are available for Nokia users only. They have to register/sign-up for an account, which is mandatory for utilizing the services. All Nokia users can easily register their address proof (like an electricity bill) and their Nokia handset at any of the Mobile Money Services center. Two types of accounts are available viz. Easy Send & Easy Pay.

EASY PAY: As the name suggests, Easy Pay services can be used to pay bills. A reminder of the bill which is due needs to be set by the user at the desired date and time, thus, the user is prompted and hence reminded of the due payment. As a result of these services late payments can be easily avoided.

EASY SEND: This service, can be easily used by the users to pay bills, recharge prepaid accounts and also transfer money to other Mobile Money Service members. In addition, users can enjoy the comfort of cashless shopping. However, only registered retailers can be paid.

Key Features of Nokia Money Services

  • Transfer money securely to your friends and family, provided they are registered members with the same service
  • Pay utility bills from anywhere
  • Check your balance on the go
  • Recharge your prepaid account from anywhere
  • Enjoy cashless shopping services
  • Save time when dealing with your personal finances
  • No annual fees, TnC apply
  • No debit or credit card required
  • No ‘minimum balance’ criteria
  • Unlimited number of transactions

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