Perform advanced calculations with nokia enhanced calculator for s60

by Abhishek on September 19, 2008


One of the very good features that most of the phones include if not all is the calculator. Calculator comes in handy in the day to day life and there is nothing as convenient as reaching out for your mobile rather than looking for a calculator device. But in most of the nokia s60 phones, the calculator bears the same old look and with this new version efforts are being to integrate the s40 calculator with little modifications into the s60 phones.

Features of Enhanced Calculator for S60:

1. This new calculator has all the standard calculator features with a difference in the sense that it provides improved usability.

2. This new enhanced calculator also included in it the scientific calculator capable of doing more complex calculations with a superb interface.

3. Another feature also included is the loan calculating feature, so overall this enhanced calculator provides multiple calculating features.

4. In this new feature you can also customize whether you want to see the confirmation dialogue box that appears on program exit. You can switch it off or on depending upon your will.

5. Enhanced calculator can now support many new languages also.

A little flaw in this application is that it seems to work well only with certain phones having screen resolution of 240×320 or 320×240 pixels because it was designed for these particular screen resolutions. However as said by the developers this bug will be fixed in the new version of enhanced calculator

Download Nokia Enhanced Calculator

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