Pin Any Application, Game As Tile On Home Screen In Windows Phone 7

by mohit on June 17, 2011

Mobile applications today play a very crucial in the success of any Smartphone and the OS running on it. They make the Mobile device more user-friendly and helpful for the owner making them perform various tasks with utmost ease. Considering the same, Windows Phone 7 has come with an app for itself called “Smart Tile”. Windows Phone 7 has an unique interface in the form of tiles and you can pin your favorite apps to the start with the help of Smart Tile.

This app will enable you to see your notes/reminders at a glance. Smart Tile displays up to four lines of text for your handy little notes/reminders on a live tile so you do not forget about them. Smart Tile allows you to personalize the tile color as well as add a helpful tile background image.

Another salient feature of the Smart Tile app is that it can push your notes to the start screen tile immediately making a lot more easier for you to remember them. So, you do not miss out any important reminder making you more effective and efficient in life.

Download the Smart Tile For WP7 mobile phones.

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