Play Angry Birds On Windows Phone 7 [Launching On 6th April 2011]

by mohit on March 1, 2011

After the initial tiff between the Microsoft and Angry Birds(the best selling iOS game)’ developer Rovio(where Microsoft originally accidentally posted an image on their site suggesting that the Angry Birds’ app for Windows Phone 7 was on the cards and after the retaliation for the same from Rovio, responded swiftly by claiming that the image was a mockup, not meant to go live and that the Angry Birds icon was included by mistake. Considering this action from Microsoft, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka blamed the delay on Microsoft’s legal team instead saying that “Let’s just say, Microsoft has a lot of lawyers,”. He also stated then that – “we could do a WP7 version of Angry Birds, not the issue. We have not agreed to do that yet. Will support all relevant platforms. And we haven’t said we wouldn’t do WP7.”), Microsoft has confirmed that Angry Birds, among other popular applications, will be coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform on April 6th, 2011.

Angry Birds, along with five other games, will be arriving on the platform as part of a spring lineup designed to bring high-profile titles to the small, but growing Windows Phone 7 marketplace. The other 5 games are –

  1. Doodle Jump
  2. Plants vs Zombies
  3. Hydro Thunder Go
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I
  5. geoDefense.

Microsoft confirmed on Thursday that Angry Birds will be available for Windows Phone 7 on April 6,2011. This will definitely going to boost up the Windows Phone 7 camp.

Also, according to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, the Windows Phone 7 marketplace currently has crossed over 8,000 applications with over 30,000 registered developers working for it.

So Mobile Gamers! what are you waiting for? There can be no valid reason now to put off that WP7 handset purchase, in case it has been running through your mind for quite some time.

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