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by Abhishek on September 27, 2008


Gps mission is a gps based mobile game which you walk through different missions, crack riddles, solve puzzles, and collect gold and prizes. The game enables you to navigate to the different parts of the world as if it’s your virtual playing arena. You can play along with your friends or randomly with any one online at that time and challenge for a mission.

Outline Features of GPS mission game:

1. This game boasts of being the genx or more correctly next generation gps game for mobile. The game basically falls under the category of adventure hunting game in which you travel to the most amazing places around the world.

2. The game is available to download for free but playing the game will charge some money depending upon the internet charges of your mobile.

3. While playing the missions in the game you can also share your pictures and your mission’s achievements.

4. The game also supports a specially designed community where you can mark the places you have been and also show your achievements and trophies to others.

5. Gps mission has a feature called mission designer. Now suppose that you completed all the missions in your area and there are no more mission then you need to check with the mission designer to go running around into new places and new missions.

6. If you are bored of all the missions then you can also design your own missions and submit them online at and participate in the map of the month contest and if you are talented enough you can also win yourself some really great prizes.

7. To browse the maps created by other users gpsmission has a 3D mission browser online feature through which you can easily navigate to new unexplored areas.

The game is very good and very innovative also but there were some registration error complaints in windows 6.1 phones but later according to the official website of the game the bug was fixed and the game is all set to rock and roll again.

Supported Phones and Requirements for GPS Mission:

Windows Mobile Smartphone, Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone (QVGA), Windows Mobile 6 Standard (QVGA)

Any phone having all the below specifications: 240 x 320 screen resolution, internal or external gps, and GPRS or 3G online connection

Download GPS Mission

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