Play Random Ringtone Every Time Phone Rings [ Android Only ]

by Kabir on July 29, 2010

We came across this latest application from Webcipe (developers) by the name of Ringtone Randomizer. Now, as its name suggests, the ringtone randomizer is an application which enables the user to enjoy random ringtones whenever he/she gets a call.

This application is the one to watch out for, as it will surely become a rage among Android users. Listening a different ringtone in your phone every time it rngs. Now, no need of changing the ringing tone when you get bored of it, the Ringtone Randomizer will automatically change it every time and that too not in a specific order, but randomly.

Here’s the catch, the application is not free. It can be downloaded from the link given below, at a cost of USD 3.99. Size of the application is not an issue (just 42 kb). The free trial version is available for only 48 hours.

Key Features

  • Listen to random ringtones (saved in your mobile device) every time the phone rings
  • Available only for Android (1.5 or later) OS
  • It is not free of cost and can be purchased for USD 3.99
  • 42 kb is the size of the application

Download Ringtone Randomizer

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