Play Tic Tac Toe On Your Windows Mobile Phones

by mohit on February 8, 2010

Everyone knows the famous Tic-tae-toe game from childhood days. It was and has always been a favorite time-pass game for many of us. This game has always provided a respite from a boring lecture even without the teacher getting hold of us. All that was required to play this game was pen/pencil, paper and a partner to play with. But what if you have a partner to play the game but do not have a pen and paper anywhere around you ?

Tic Tac Toe v1.00 is a WM freeware application that brings this simple game on your Windows mobile pocket PCs for you you to play anywhere, anytime, and you donot need to have pen and paper as well.


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5.X
  • .Net CF 3.5
  • Any screen size
  • Two players only

Just a fun game to play with a friend

DOWNLOAD  Tic Tac Toe free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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