PocketRoller – Faster Way To Roll A Dice

by mohit on January 17, 2010

I wonder, how much more ease will the modern, technological advancements will bring into our lives. Automobiles made easier to go places, washing machines made washing clothes so convenient, microwaves made cooking much effortless, so much so that you can now have a modern version of throwing a die that’s used to play several games and kick of that traditional way of picking up and throwing again and again with hands. That is what a Windows Mobile application PocketRoller v1.00 will enable you to do.

PocketRoller v1.00 is a fun fast way to roll a die.

And it’s a freeware, so you need not pay a single buck to enjoy this application on your windows mobile devices.

DOWNLOAD  PocketRoller free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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