PockeTwit – Free Open Source Twitter Application For Windows Mobile

by on June 17, 2009

A PockeTwit is a freeware open source windows mobile application. Hands down it’s the best twitter client. It has a unique, very stylish and easy to use interface. It works on both pocket pc as well as your smart phones. It offers a finger friendly user interface to twitter and with the latest update, it now supports geo-tagging.

Also, when you post a reply or an update, PockeTwit will automatically grab your GPS co-ordinates and update your location information to reflect that. what I think is very cool is the ability to include a picture from your camera as you enter a post.

It has great many cool features which makes it worth a try like:

1. A unique user interface which is very stylish and easy to use.
2. Works on VGA, QVGA and Smart Phone devices i.e. it’s not just for pocket pc’s.
3. Support for multiple twitter and identical accounts.
4. Uses standard notifications to alert you of new friends statuses or replies which really helps in social networking.
5. Keeps an address book to easily add usernames to posts making it hassle free to use.
6. Integration with shorttext.com for tweets longer than 140 characters. Thus helping users which tend to type long messages.
7. Integrated search.twitter.com
8. Option to check for new version on startup.
9. Various new and cool themes are available helping in getting cool and different looks.
10. Take photos and send to TwitPic, mobypicture, pikchur, twitgoo, or yfrog.
11. Preview images from those services without a browser.
12. “Conversation View” shows a what this status was in reply to.
13. Clickable @names, URLs, and #Hashtags.
14. URL shortening with is.gd
15. User groups to help manage your friends updates.

All these exciting features helps it beat its rivals hands down. It is really what these days users want from such applications. It is an absolute favorite of many on both Q9m as well as HTC Touch Pro.

Hence, This is a FREE application and well worth trying out!

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