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by Abhishek on October 4, 2008


Now days the malicious softwares, the viruses, trojan’s etc have grown beyond personal computers. Their reach now is not just limited to pc but they are very significantly spreading into the mobile phone domain, with their prime target as the smartphones and the communicators or in other words the small pc. Developers at the kaspersky antivirus lab have developed this mobile antivirus solution which they believe will provide the best solution for mobile platforms keeping in mind the special needs of the mobile users and their years of experience in this field.

Features of free Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile:

1. On demand scanning– with this you can scan your phone at any time you want and the scanning will take only a few minutes.

2. On access scanning–this scanning method scans all the incoming messages, MMS, emails and the received Bluetooth files also.

3. On schedule scanning—you can schedule the scanning of phone anytime you want. For instance you may want the phone to get scanned in the night when you are sleeping. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile keeps a log of the scan reports and then you can later make the decision depending on your choice.

4. Fast scanning—when using fast scan the time required for the scan is only a minute or two and it scans only the most sensitive areas of your phone which are more prone to virus etc.

5. Antispam for sms/mms/ems—you can easily add the telephone numbers of the spam sources or their email id in the blacklist so that they don’t disturb you again.

With all these splendid functionalities Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile is rated as number one in the mobile antivirus solutions.

Supported phones For Kaspersky Anti Virus:


/7610/7650/6680/6681/6682/N70/N90/N-Gage/N-Gage QD/Siemens SX1

And many more which may not have been listed here

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