Protect your privacy – lock files on your mobile with FileLock

by Abhishek on September 22, 2008


Filelock is software which aims at protecting your files and folders. There can be some important or confidential file in your phone which you won’t like anyone other you to see them. File lock can help you in this by hiding the files or folders or even locking down the entire folder. In this way without the valid password no one can open your files.

Instructions regarding filelock include:

1. Download filelock on your phone and when you run it for the first time it will ask you to enter a new password. Then just set the password and restart filelock to start using it.

2. In any point in time if you want to change the password you have already set you can easily do that by entering the previous password and then enter the new password.

3. Each time you start filelock it will ask you to enter your password, only after the password matches you can access the software.

4. The next step is the most troublesome as it asks you for the file permissions and if by chance you click no, then filelock won’t be able to access any of your files and ultimately you will have to re install the application.

5. To ensure that filelock works correctly you need to check in the access permissions correctly and set access permissions to “Read user data"&"Write user data" to "Always" or "Always ask", else it won’t work.

Filelock certainly do the job for what it is meant but the application is very slow in functioning. Also there are some areas which filelock can’t access and therefore provides no support to hide or protect them like the memos etc.

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