Protect your s60 nokia phone from theft with theft application fro mobile

by Abhishek on September 24, 2008


Theft software was basically designed for the series 60 nokia phones and it aims at providing protection against your phone being stolen or lost. Once you have installed theft on your phone it will then auto start each time along with your phone and will keep running in the background constantly detecting the status of the phone, whether the sim card of the phone is removed or phone has been shut down in an improper way and also it will keep checking for the received messages which contains the text predefined by you

The key features of theft include:

1. If any of the above situations happens then theft will set a permanent text on the screen displaying whatever information you want to.

2. If the phone is stolen it will also send message to the list of numbers you already configured and it may tell you the new sim number if your sim is changed.

3. The phone will start to sound a loud alarm to trigger attention of the people towards it.

4. To use theft properly to its maximum potential you must read the instruction manual available at the following link:

5. Now once the phone is into attack mode there is only one way to set the phone back into normal mode. You need to press unlock button then stop the phone by using the password you have set before.

Theft is stuffed with all the goods and finding a cons in this software is a really job.using theft is safe but you should always remember to switch off theft before switching off your phone otherwise get ready to face the consequences next time you start the phone, so don’t get stuck in your own trap.

Supported phones: nokia series 60 mobile phones

Download Theft

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Ernesto Serrano October 3, 2008 at 12:17 am

Will theft continue to function after reformatting the phone?

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