Put Your Phone to Sleep Automatically To Save Battery

by Kabir on August 4, 2010

Do you have trouble saving your phone’s battery? Do you love listening to music but have to switch off the music player in order to save battery? Well, here is a solution. XDA developers have launched a brand new application, known as Virgilp, it is a dream application for mobile users like you and me. What this application does is that it puts your screen (which is the source of consumption of battery) in sleep mode without switching any of the running apps off.

There are many times when we put the mobile in stand-by mode, but, as a result of this change in mode all the running applications are automatically switched off but not closed. As a result of this sudden switch-off the mobile handset misbehaves because the application was never closed. This forces you to switch-off your phone and then turn it on again. There are also times when the WiFi gets disconnected or if your mobile is GPS enabled it loses satellite locks. All these problems are solved by one application itself, Virgilp.

Virgilp is developed by XDA developers. The application helps in saving a lot of time since the user does not have to go to registry editors and change settings.

Key Features of the Application

  • Puts the screen in sleep mode without switching-off any running application(s)
  • Use the application while transferring large files to/from PC and save battery
  • Does not require .NET Compact Framework
  • Simple installation and running of application

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