Read Bing News On Windows Phone 7 [App]

by mohit on April 15, 2011

News(current affairs) forms a very crucial part of a man’s daily routine. To know what’s all is happening around us and to be aware of the big news/events is clearly considered to be the intellectual person’s food. But, unfortunately, in today’s fast track professional and personal life, everyone is not fortunate enough to have a quick sneak into the print newspaper or take out some time to view the news on Television either. In this era of Smartphones, such tasks are rightfully at their mercy and has become more of the on-the-go activities. And therefore, the Mobile apps market is flooded with such news apps. But, they are probably not good enough to meet the people’s expectations.

All said, here is one new news app in the market for the Windows Phone 7 mobile devices which will surely going to change the above discussed perpective. Its the ‘NewsReader’ – a Bing News app for Windows Phone 7. Finally, mobile news picking up the right format. NewsReader is a portal to Bing News. One can stay on the top of the happenings around the World, U.S. Internet, or your own field of study with minimal hassle. NewsReader is fast, looks beautiful and is generally pleasant to use.

So, just in case you are tired of bloated websites that are not optimized for a mobile device and can take a while to load, be slow to navigate, present you with pop-up ads, and generally annoy you, ‘NewsReader’ is a solution to all these problems. By default, all sites are formatted, and optimized for the phone (you can also turn the app off if you do not like it).

Note : There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $0.99, The trial mode is fully functional, but has ads. If you like the app, and use it daily consider purchasing it to remove them.

Download NewsReader for WP7 mobile devices.

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