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by mohit on June 9, 2011

For all those Windows Phone 7 users out there who are also the news maniacs wanting to keep themselves updated with what’s going around all over the globe, there is this new news app released known as “World News Now” for the Windows Mobile devices.

World News Now, proudly announced and released by Sales Games, gathers articles concerning the topics of World News, U.S. News, Sports, Entertainment, Business, and Politics, presented with the same gorgeous interface used in their line of popular news readers (including Weave).

The best part of the app – unlike various other news apps already in the market which cater to specific news channel or a specific region/area, World News Now  brings together some of the best news posts from various news channels from different and distant parts of the world under one roof. So one need not have  separate apps for domestic and international news, and also no bifurcation in the type of news – sports, social, political, economic, etc. You’ll get it all from one single app.

Hand-curated selection of the best news feeds available on the web is the main feature of World News Now. Every feed was selected due to its stellar article and image quality. The result is a mash-up of the world’s best newspapers and websites, in the palm of your hand, available any time you want and at your complete convenience.

Full list of news sources included in World News Now:


  1. CNN
  2. The Guardian
  3. The Star
  4. The Telegraph
  5. The Christian Science Monitor
  6. Chicago Tribune
  7. L.A. Times
  8. N.Y. Times
  9. MSNBC
  10. Google
  12. ESPN
  13. Yahoo!
  14. The Hollywood Reporter
  15. PopSugar
  16. Radar Online
  18. Rotten Tomatoes
  19. Latino Review
  20. FOX News
  21. Hot Air
  22. NPR
  23. Crooks and Liars
  24. Business Insider
  25. Fast Company
  26. Forbes
  29. Reuters
  30. Signal vs. Noise
  31. The Economist
  32. The Wall Street Journal

Download World News Now for Free for Windows Phone 7.

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