Recover, Protect your messages with Message Mirror Lite

by Abhishek on September 30, 2008


It happens quite some times that you want to recover the deleted messages or you want to save your phone messages into one file format supported by your pc or you want to protect the messages by applying password to them, then Message Mirror Lite is a software which can do this all. Message Mirror Lite provides the real time monitoring of the messages and keeps record of all the incoming and outgoing messages and you can see the deleted messages Message Mirror Lite.

The key features of Message Mirror Lite includes:

1. Message Mirror Lite provides real time monitoring of the incoming and outgoing messages and it keeps a copy of all the messages in the phone.

2. With Message Mirror Lite you can save all your message into the four file formats namely TEXT/HTML/CSV/XML which are supported by pc.

3. You can also send the converted messages to your pc via Bluetooth, infrared or via usb cable so that you can read the messages on your pc screen.

4. With Message Mirror Lite finding the deleted messages was never so easy and you can easily do this by just accessing the software.

5. You can also password protect your private messages or the ones you don’t wish to share by applying password to them.

6. Message Mirror Lite starts along with the phone each time it boots so that it never misses out on any messages.

The software is very useful as it is very evident from the above features but to get the services you need to pay approximately 10 euro for it. The Lite version of this application is available for free but it only supports some of the basic features

Supported phones for Message Mirror Lite – all Symbian s60 phones

Download Message Mirror Lite

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