Reject calls on the go with Call Filter

by Abhishek on September 29, 2008


Call Filter is a mobile based application basically designed for Symbian phones which will help you in reclaiming that peace mind which most of us have lost in this busy life. Call Filter is literally stuffed with very functional features which lets you customize the application the way you want it to function.

The features of Call Filter includes:

1. The phone numbers from which you don’t want to receive any calls, you can put that number in the blocked list. With Call Filter blocking and unblocking of the contacts can be done very easily and quickly.

2. Call Filter also maintains a full log which stores the information about the calls you have missed and the number of calls missed from each number.

3. Call Filter also gives you the flexibility to send a message to the rejected call number almost instantly as the call is missed.

4. Another splendid features is called smartblocking which enables you to block the calling number for the next some minutes which you can decide manually. For instance if you have selected say 15 minutes after the first missed call, then be assured that number wont be bugging you for the next 15 minutes.

5. Call Filter also enables you to set rules for a particular number and you can switch off and on the rules at your discretion. Setting the rules off will disable all the settings done for a particular number.

Call Filter works as a charm on most of the Symbian based mobile phones and what’s really good is that it is available as a free download also.

Supported phones for call Filter: Symbian OS UIQ and Symbian S60 based mobile phones.

Download Call Filter

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