Samsung 2 GHz Dual Core Processor Phone Launching Next Year

by mohit on April 20, 2011

There are many specs/features that in totality make or break a Smartphone in this cut-throat competition. Here, we would be focusing on the Processor in a mobile device. Without any second thought, it has a very crucial role to play in the success of a Smartphone. We are also narrowing down our post to talk about some news in the Samsung world. With Samsung Wave II carrying a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, already in the market and 1.2 Ghz Exynos powered Galaxy S II is still in the pipeline, Samsung is already working on a new smartphone with 2 Ghz Exynos processor.

Yes obviously, the processor will support the Smartphones from Samsung itself, but selling it to other mobile devices manufacturers is also being considerer by the company, and thereby planning to take on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon in the process.. So, we might see them in other manufacturers’ devices as well -The move that’s very much expected in today’s era of competition. Like the same Operating Systems running on different companies’ mobile devices, the processors can also follow the same route.

There is some inside-industry news that the company might release this smartphone in 2012, but did not leaked other details about the phone.

Today, more hardware up-gradation is seen in Smartphones than in other computing device – we have nVIDIA already working on Quad Core processor, and Samsung might also have plans for the same along with the 2 Ghz Exynos.

But the million dollar question here is – do we really need such powerful smartphones? Personally for me, the smartphones are not going replace my laptop/desktop computer in the recent future. I would also not mind though, for the sake numerous Smartphones-geeks out there, always keeping an eagle’s eye on any new advancement in the world of Smartphones.

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