Samsung Wave GT S8500 Secret Codes & Tricks

by Kabir on July 31, 2010

Samsung Wave GT S8500, included in the smart phone category (same as Apple’s Iphone and a few others). It has amazing features like a 5 MP camera that also captures video in HD. Based on Samsung’s OS BADA, it is the first mobile device to have the same OS. It has a super AMOLED touchscreen which gives an amazing quality to videos and pictures. Although, the OS is “ordinary” and is not designed to compete with Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS, it is still decent.

Let me give you some details about secret codes (exclusively for Samsung Wave GT S8500). These codes can be easily typed on the keypad. The codes are as follows:-


Used for factory format. This code should be used very carefully, since it deletes all saved files and settings (including internal memory storage). It’ll re-install the phone firmware. Extreme care should be taken if using this code, as the deleted files and settings cannot be restored.


This code can be used to enter into Service mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode.


Provides detailed information about the phone’s battery type.


The code is mainly used to get information about SIM Lock and/or Network Lock

Codes to get Firmware version information

*#4986*2650468# – SW Version, HW Version, MP, RF Cal Date, CSC Version, CSC Model Spec, FFS Version, RC2 Version

*#1234# – SW Version and CSC Version

*#1111# – FTA SW Version

*#2222# – FTA HW Version

WiFi & Bluetooth Test Codes

*#526# – Wi-Fi Manual MFG Test Mode

*#232337# – BT RF Test Mode

Codes to Launch Factory Tests

*#0*# – LCD test

*#0673# OR *#0289# – Melody test

*#0842# – Vibration test

*#2663# OR *#2664# – TM Command

The above secret codes were published at the link given below.

Source For Secret Codes [ ]

Disclaimer: The codes have been developed to test various features of the mobile phone device. It is advised that only experienced users apply the codes. We are not responsible for any loss of data and/or hardware damage on application of the above codes.

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