Save, Bookmark Locations On Map On Windows Phone 7

by mohit on March 27, 2012

To forget is very human. Often, it happens with all of us that we are going somewhere for some other reason and on the way our eyes fell upon some store, restaurant, shop, showroom, etc and we think of coming back someday later and visit the same because we can’t always drop what we are doing and run in. More often, we quickly forget that where we saw that spot. But when you are out on the lookout of that same spot, you don’t quite remember as you weren’t much familiar to that place and you didn’t visit that area frequently. It was like one odd time you went to that place, some store or a shop there got your attention but you couldn’t find it next time when you came for it. ‘Save My Spot’ app for Windows Phones is just a solution to this problem.

Now, with ‘Save My Spot’ mobile app, you can record the location right on your Windows Phone using photos, GPS, and any notes you want to add. In other words, you will never wonder “Where did I see that?” again. 

‘Save My Spot’ App Features:

  • Records any interest spots (or note a product you love and the store in which you saw it).
  • Includes options for categorizing your spots, snapping photos, and recording them on the map.
  • Simple retrieval of spots by category or location.
  • Allows categorization of saved spots.

Like many other Windows Phone apps, this not available for free in the Windows marketplace. However, costing just $0.99 it is worth the buy. Just get it on your phones, and let it do the remembering for you and you never have to put pressure on your neurons to remind you of those forgotten spots.

Download ‘Save My Spot’ For windows Phones.


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