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by mohit on January 3, 2012

For all those who like to/have to download the images from the web pages for work purpose or as a hobby for fun and are also the esteemed owners of a Windows Phone 7 mobile device, here’s an awesome mobile app known as “Image Downloader”. This app enables you to do all that you would be doing with the applications/softwares like “Flash Get”, “Down them all”, “Download Accelerator”, etc on your Desktop PCs.

Image Downloader App Description:

Image Downloader is the first full-fledged download managed for Windows Phone 7. This version is dedicated to images and will allow you to download all images from any web page or a gallery and save to your phone Pictures Hub. This is perfect for photo websites like flickr, various image boards, personal blogs like livejournal, etc.

Image Downloader App Features :

  • support for both embedded and linked images,
  • recursive website crowling ,
  • up to 5 concurrent background downloads (using new mango feature called background transfers),
  • web browser impersonation, and more.

Also, have a look at this video here describing the app’s features in full detail and making you understand the app more clearly. What a video can do, words can not.


The app comes in 2 versions –

  1. Image Downloader is completely free AD-supported version.
  2. Image Downloader PRO is priced only 99c, has fully functional trial, additional settings and no adds in paid version.

Download Image Downloader For WP7.

Download Image Downloader Pro For WP7.



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