Schedule switch off on your symbian phone with switch off

by Abhishek on September 20, 2008


Switch off is an application which will prove quite useful for people having fixed schedules specially the students and working class of people. It happens on regular basis that you switch off your phone daily at the same time of even at fixed times in a day. But if you have switch off installed on your phone you don’t have to worry about switching it off, it will automatically get switched off at the preset time determined by you.

The basic functionality of switch off:

1. The time at which you want to switch off your cell phone just enter the time and enable the auto shut down option.

2. After you have enabled the option, just let the application work in the background and as soon as the preset time is reached the phone gets auto shutdown.

3. Switch off as the name indicates only has the feature to switch off the mobile phone but there is no way you can switch on your phone at pre determined time. This particular thing makes switch off just another ordinary application.

4. With no support for auto switch on of your phone, there is every possibility of you forgetting to switch on your phone after it has switched off automatically. And that is a situation which no one would like ever. There is nothing worse than missing your important calls may it be personal or business calls.

5. The signed version of switch off is not available yet and this adds to the cons of this software

Each time you try to run switch off you will get a valid certification error and to get the application working you can’t find any other way than cracking your own phone to get this self signed SIS file working. With the number of cons getting a hand over the number of pros, this tool is really not a good choice, so it’s better to search for some other working application

Supported Phones – all the symbian s60 3rd edition phones

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