Secure Mobile Phone SIM Cards In India [Coming Soon]

by Kabir on November 10, 2010

There is no denying the fact that safety and security of personal data is a major concern these days. Technology is way advanced now, and with the rise in cyber crimes, security of data has to be taken seriously. Probably, for this reason, the Government of India will be introducing encrypted SIM cards very soon.

Encrypted SIM cards are nothing but proxy SIM cards with digital certificates (which are unique to an individual) for mobile phones. Mobile phones are used for many personal and professional purposes nowadays, including net banking, e-mailing etc. Thus, it becomes important to keep personal data safe and secure even while transferring. These proxy SIM cards allow secure communication over SMSes and e-mail and these digital certificates provide another layer of authentication on mobile communication. N Vijayaditya, Controller of Certifying Authority talking about the project said, “To make India’s future in mobile banking and mobile transactions secure, we are recommending the certification of proxy SIM cards with digital certificates, which can be inserted on top of regular SIM cards. These will enable the signatures with emails and even SMSes sent via mobile phones”.

However, these encrypted texts have larger size of the order of 256KB as compared to regular text which is around 40-50KB. It is for this reason that encrypted texts might have higher charges. Although, the information is precise, its scope and application are unknown.

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