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by mohit on August 7, 2010

Since the advent of ‘Mobile Internet’ technology, we have experienced and used loads of mobile applications to be used under various Operating Systems like Android, Symbian, WM, iphone OS, etc. The one basic element common to most of these apps had been to to do almost everything on our mobile handsets that was earlier the prerogative of the desktop computers. And later, we also encountered an app that directly linked the web browser on the desktop to our phones, that was the Froyo – “Chrome to Phone” extension, available for Google’s Chrome browser. In a nutshell, it sends a web page from your desktop or laptop browser to your phone, in just a matter of seconds.

But it was the matter of past. Today we are talking about the reverse process of the very cool ‘chrome to phone’ extension i.e. Android2cloud – the Android application that allows users to send information from their phones directly to Chrome. If you’ve got something loaded on your Android that you’d like to see in a full browser, you could email it, copy/paste the link, or just try and remember. Or else, you can always use android2cloud to instantly open the link in Chrome.

How Dose This Works ?

After installing the app and the extension, give them both the appropriate permissions and start sharing(you’ll get one-button transmission powers between your two Google browsers. You can copy/paste a URL through android2cloud itself, but it’s easier to hit the “Share page” option on a web page and choose android2cloud as the vessel).

It is very simple to use and in no time you can see the web page on your desktop ‘Google Chrome’ browser that you were having on your Android phone screen a few seconds back and carry on the work from your desktop computer.

NOTE : Android2cloud is a free download for Android and Chrome, and requires a Google account to connect the two.

Download  Android2cloud app for your Android mobile devices.

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