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by mohit on March 19, 2010

Gone are those days when the contacts on our mobile phones were limited to the concerned person’s name and mobile phone number. Today, the contact info on mobiles seems to have good amount of information like email IDs, residential and official address, job status, likes and dislikes, almost every possible personal information as its there on their social networking site accounts like facebook, orkut, etc.

So just in case you need to pass on someone’s contact info to other person through mobile, what will you do? Sit and type all the details and then text it to the recipient number. What a useless and time consuming activity. Try Send Contact application for a change. Send Contact for Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones is a smart application for quick contact sharing.

It is the best way to comply with immediate requests to transmit contact information about particular persons without running special programs or typing the text yourself.

What You Need To Do?

Just press the button, and the recipient will instantly get the required information in the SMS format. Simply select the Contact info to be sent and the recipient and its done.

You can also request for the ‘Delivery report’ at your will. The program does not have to be installed on the recipient’s device, which comes in handy.


  • Quick & easy contact sending over SMS
  • Possibility to select fields to send
  • Integration with Address Book
  • It is FREE!


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5

DOWNLOAD Send Contact free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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