Send Fax From Windows Phone 7 With MobileFax App.

by mohit on February 23, 2012

Today, mind-blowing Smartphones running on awesome Operating Systems with the countless number of very exciting and extremely useful mobile apps now enables us to do almost anything on the go, for which earlier we have to be physically present at a particular place and at a set time. Yes, the power of Smartphones amuses me often these days. One such exciting and very useful app is MobileFax which enables you to send fax pages from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

So now you need not be at your workplace or home around your traditional Fax Machines to fax your pages. You can do that on the go with MobileFax app for Windows Phone 7.5(mango OS) or higher. Just take a photo of your document and fax it. Your documents will be enhanced for best fax quality. Simple, easy, effective.

MobileFax App Description And/Or Features :

  • Create your new account and you will get free credits for 2 fax pages and a international fax number.
  • There is no monthly subscription; you only need to buy a fax package.
  • Cheapest packages , starting as low as $3 for 30 pages.
  • Same rates worldwide.
  • Same rate for every page, even if your fax duration exceed 1 minute.
  • Most advanced fax optimization algorithms, designed especially for smart phones cameras

Note : MobileFax is free to download, but not to use.

Download MobileFax App For Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.

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