Send Files From PC To Nokia Phone Without Bluetooth Or Cable – Use Nokia Drop

by Kabir on May 22, 2011

Technology is advancing day-by-day. Even judging by the apps being launched every hour, it is “okay” to say that technology is advancing by each passing hour. If you don’t agree, read on the next few lines of this articles. Take the example of transferring files from PC to phone. Earlier we used to transfer files to phone using a data cable, then came the wireless transfer via bluetooth, and now we introduce to you the first ever wireless and “Bluetooth-less” transfer, using Nokia Drop. Now you bet about advancement in technology.

Nokia Drop is a beta app developed by Nokia Beta Labs using which files can be easily transferred to your Nokia Symbian phone from your PC (but not vice-versa). The app rests on the toolbar of your web browser, and whenever you feel like transferring some file to your phone (like an image or a music file) just click on the icon and the transferring starts. See snapshot below.

What is interesting about this app is that it doesn’t consume your battery just by sitting there, it uses Nokia Notification Solution, so the battery is consumed only when transferring of files is taking place. There are basically two parts of this app, one for your phone and another plug-in for your browser (Sad news is that it supports only Chrome and Firefox). You may find a website you want to visit later on when you’re away from your computer, just move your pointer over a URL and right click, selecting Nokia Drop, Send link. It will sit in the app on your phone ready for you to click it.

It is free and works well with all the latest Nokia devices like N8, C6, C7, X6 etc.

Watch a video of Nokia Drop, here.

To download, click here.

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