Send, Share Phone Contact From Windows Phone 7

by mohit on January 11, 2012

At some point or the other, we all need to share our personal contact info stored in our mobile devices with others for some or the other reasons. Earlier, few mobile apps were released that used QR codes for sharing such info. However, Windows Phone did not provide any simple way of sharing your contact information with other. That’s where ‘My ContacTile’ app drops in to make the process one step easier.

My ContacTile App Description :

My ContacTile is a free app that takes QR code sharing one small step further by allowing you to pin a QR code with your contact information to the start screen, making sharing just very simple. No need to open the app, just go to your home screen and let the others open Bing vision or any other QR scanning app and scan the code using the device camera. That is all.

My ContacTile App Features :

  • Allows you to pin a QR code with your contact info the start screen, so you don’t need to open the app at all
  • Use vCard standard, which is recognizable by Bing vision and many QR scanners even for other mobile platform
  • In case there is any difficulty scanning the tile, you can still tap on it any time for larger version of the QR code
  • Very simple UI

One can download the app from Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

Download My ContacTile For Windows Phone


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