ServersMan Windows Mobile – Share and Publish Through Windows Mobile Phone via Internet.

by mohit on January 21, 2010

ServersMan@Windows Mobile enables users to share and publish data in a Windows Mobile phone via the Internet. It does so by accessing the data in the phone directly via Web browsers. One should be clear that its not about having access to the Windows software over the phone and using various apps available in the market.  Instead, it enables sharing of files between your WM and PC.

However, the main purpose of this application is to enable you to carry around your own web server/storage and publish it to the world. ServersMan gives you an easy way to save files from your phones to a PC and vice versa.

When you log on to the program on your phone, you can access the phone’s files from the Files saved in the public_html folder are published as a web page on the Internet.


  • Wireless transfer of files from phones to a computer and vice versa
  • Access to your phone’s files from
  • A file manager that supports thumbnail images
  • Automatically makes URLs of files so you can share them with friends by email
  • Publishes web pages from your phone
  • basic Web server, network storage
  • pictures and movies can be sent conviniently


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1,6.5

DOWNLOAD ServersMan Windows Mobile free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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