Set different themes on your phone with Theme scheduler

by Abhishek on September 25, 2008


Want to change the way your phone looks, just install theme scheduler and change themes automatically. This free application allows the automatic changing of the themes at your desired time. The themes can be changed on the basis of the time or on the basis of the profile you have currently selected. Add life to your phone by using theme scheduler.

Outline of themes scheduler:

1. Download and install the application to your phone and run theme scheduler to get started, what you will see is a screen with theme scheduler as its header.

2. Select the new option from the menu and under the new option you can find two options namely profile change and timed change. Selecting profile change will change the profile depending upon the profile you have currently selected and timed change option will change the profiles depending upon the preset time.

3. Then select the theme you want to apply and enter the time at which you want to apply the theme and the period over which you want your choice to remain active.

4. If you want to change themes every hour then select different themes at an interval of an hour. The choices you have made are saved in the formed and get executed in the order of your preference.

5. To get the application working you need to go to symbian signed and mark the following there SWEvent, ReadDeviceData, User Environment, WriteUserData, ReadUserData, Network Services, WriteDeviceData

Themes scheduler is a really nice application which can provide your phone a new look every time you look at it. With themes scheduler you may even surprise your friends. In short it’s a good tool to have installed in your phone

Supported List of Phones: all symbian s60 3rd edition phones

Download Theme scheduler

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