Shopping List Mobile – A Cool To Do Shopping List App For Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on January 31, 2010

Back from shopping and you straight away head into a quarrel with your partner, parents, children or any other family member because you forgot to buy and bring a very important product that was reminded to you several times earlier by your near-and-dear ones. There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or get tensed because its a commonplace phenomenon. Shopping List Mobile v1.17- a WM application is a solution to the said problem.

Shopping List Mobile was developed to be a useful tool to help you remember what you need to buy when you go shopping. Now, you might be thinking that the same could be done using the traditional pen and paper method. Not a bad idea at all, unless you do not forget to carry that paper itself on which you had written down the shopping items or you do not misplace it right before when you are ought to leave home for shopping.

Why take half chances? Use this application instead and free your mind of remembering all the items that you need to buy when you go shopping the next time. And its a freeware.


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.x
  • .Net CF 3.5

DOWNLOAD Shopping List Mobile free for Your Windows Mobile Phone.

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