Show Your Mood On Android Home Screen.

by mohit on April 9, 2011

Have you ever confronted any situation in which a person’s mood is showcased on any of the material objects he/she might be carrying along – for example a bag, a wristwatch, a mobile phone? The question must be appearing really strange and the person asking the same a psycho. But that’s not exactly the scenario. In fact, the very phenomenon has been made realistic by the Android Freeware market’s mobile app known as “My Mood”.

My Mood is a widget for Android mobile devices that lets you show your mood on a screen of your Smartphone. You can customize your home screen with a nice smile or  choose any other icon according your mood. There are over hundred icons available in the application. Also you can put more than one widget on homescreen. And of course you can use it as a simply note.

So, the next time you in bad mood and do not feel like talking to others and not even like to tell them the reason, simply showcase the same mood on the screen of your Android phone and show them that instead and they’ll automatically understand.

My Mood App Features :

  • A big collections of icons to customize your mood
  • Multiple notes on your homescreen
  • Easy way to choose icon from GridView

Download My Mood free for your Android phone.

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