SMS Zip – Compress and Send SMS Text Messages From Your Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on December 4, 2009

Just in case you are spending much on your SMSs everyday because you need to write long messages which you cant complile in a single sms and you had to send more than one sms to send across your messsage to someone, you need not worry now because SMS ZIP is out in the freeware world. Just grab this Windows mobile phone app that will compress your SMS text messages.



SMS Zip enables you to fit more text into your SMS. You just have to write your text message the same way as you are used to and SMS Zip will take care of the rest. SMS Zip removes all the spaces from the text and also the uppercase/lowercase on some letters to make the text  readable. When Max Zip(an inbuilt feature of this app) is checked, SMS Zip automatically starts looking for some common use shortcuts (such as “u” for “you”, “nite” instaed of “night” and many others). When you are finished with writing the text message, just click on the Continue button and continue sending message with the default Windows Mobile Messaging application.

So, with SMS zip, you’ll not have to spend too much on SMSs and you’ll also be able to express yourself more in just one message. Just try it out…


  • Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • .NET Compact Framework (version 2 or later)


The “Lite” version is something like preview version and has limited input by only 60 letters. But You can always buy the full version which has no limit and allows you to enter more than thousand letters in one text message.


Its an application for smartphones but is working well on pocket pc too.

DOWNLOAD the SMS Zip free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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