Solve Math Equations On Windows Phone 7

by mohit on February 20, 2012

When in school, i had always experienced one thing about the Math subject – for some students it was as easy like playing your favorite game/sports and for some this subject was the cause of their sleepless nights. The mathHelper app for Windows Phone devices will definitely gonna bring some relief to the latter lot. MathHelper is designed to relieve math anxiety and stress and work with the user to show the steps. 

The app is loaded with various hubs that are sure to send you through classes with ease, and all for free. The features include :

  • Geometry hub
  • Fractions hub
  • Linear hub
  • Logarithm hub
  • Percentages hub
  • Quadratic calculator

Each individual hub is loaded with various pieces of content that is all supported by its developers and will see future updates on the horizon. The features are designed to help anyone learn and develop a relationship with math, not to struggle with it. Our “solver” feature allows users to experiment with different values in various math equations to visualize and see the formulas in action.

So give the app a download and see what all it can do for you.

Download mathHelper App For Windows Phone 7.5 or higher 

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