Sony Ericsson 16MP Camera Phone Coming Soon

by mohit on October 22, 2010

‘Camera’ specifications has always been one important criterion among the many others while deciding upon buying any Smartphone by many. And when we talk about the ‘Camera’ in a mobile device, we generally talk about a term known as “megapixel” a.k.a MP. In technical terminology, Pictures are made up of little dots called pixels. Pixel stands for PICture ELement. Put enough of them together and you have a picture. And 1 million pixels make 1 MP.

Now, for a layman, higher the number of MP in a Camera better would be the pictures clicked by it. However for those who know photography, they are aware of the fact that the difference in the pixel-density alone does not brings an enormous difference in the quality of the image/photograph. There are other important factors like the sensor accuracy and lens quality that come into play.

But if we prefer to go by the general notion of “higher MP camera-phone is a better/good camera-phone”, Sony Ericsson‘s  S006 smartphone seems to be the ultimate winner. The upcoming Sony Erricsson S006 looks set to be the first device loaded with the ‘Exmor R’ 16 megapixel CMOS sensor which is capable of  ISO 12800 sensitivity levels which in other words means capable snapping monstrously large images. This is a substantial jump from the current 12MP ceiling for cellphone cameras. With value for money brands incorporating 12MP cameras, this jump in pixel density gives Sony Ericsson a clear chance to set their sights on the best camera phone crown.

And on the top of that, it comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, inbuilt FM, GPS navigation enabled by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor mated to Sony Ericcson’s own mobile OS.

The phone is being released solely in Japan(of course, exclusive to KDDI) at the moment, so no idea on the local availability and pricing yet. We will keep you updated when would be released in other countries.

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