Stop Internet Access On Your Symbian Mobile Phones

by mohit on November 19, 2011

So you are using a Smartphone and often access web on the same. Just like the Desktop computers and laptops get hold of the virus problems and their software gets severely damaged, the same can happen to your mobile device as well just in case you are not taking the precautionary measures. The other concern can be your small children getting access to web through your phone and surfing through all the unwanted websites or any of your friend or family using it without you permission and you are not liking it. In simple words, you don’t want others to browse on your phone. There’s a mobile app that can help you out – WebLocker.

WebLocker App Description :

WebLocker app helps you lock the web-access on your Symbian mobile device. Simple. It could be used as parental control to avoid others from accessing unnecessary internet links. Thus keeps your phone safe from viruses & online threats. Once locked, Internet can be accessed only by entering valid user defined password. Phone can be locked completely, such that one can only answer incoming calls & can’t do anything else with phone.

The app is available for free in the Symbian marketplace.

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WebLocker App Requirements :

  • Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition mobile devices

Download the WebLocker free for Symbian OS.



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