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by mohit on February 22, 2012

In this era of Smartphones and high-tech, one would not like to go by the traditional ways of doing certain things. Academics is one such area where the students, teachers, researchers and all across the globe would like to have other alternatives to getting their hands on the subjects concerned and have a more easy access to the study material. ‘Academic Search’ app from Microsoft Research team is one crucial step in that direction.+

Academic Search WP7 client is a free academic search application based on new technologies from Microsoft Research. It gives users access to more than 36 million publications on multiple academic domains. With lots of amazing features like co-author graph, co-author path, domain trends, etc, makes this Windows Phone 7 mobile app a ‘must have’ for students and researchers.

Academic Search App Features :

  • Search the Academic Search by author, title, keyword, the results can be narrowed down to specific domains.
  • View the object detail page by clicking a publication title or an author name.
  • “Add to Favorties” allows you to easily keep updated on all your favorite scholars.
  • Email yourself or others publications you are interested for later reference.
  • Keep track of information about upcoming conferences.
  • The publication coverage has been expanded to all domains.
  • Add search history support to basic search.
  • Allow users to share publications by sending emails.
  • Add “Recently Viewed Lists” to help you re-find publications that have previously interested you.
  • Refine favorite button design to make it more user friendly.

So just in case you are onto some academic project work or a research work, this free app from the WP7 marketplace will be like a wholesome refreshment. So just hook onto this wonderful application.

Download Academic Search App For WP7. 

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