Switch or Change Language Of Your Symbian Mobile Phone With Lang Switcher

by mohit on March 21, 2010

We had often faced this situation in our lives when we go to a foreign nation and go shopping over there and we want to buy some electronic gadget, for say a mobile phone, a video game, a digital dictionary or something like that. We often encounter the problem of language that is used in these electronic devices for instructions and usage. Because, most of the times, the product bought in a foreign market will carry its native language. So you buy an awesome phone in Spain and gift it to any of your friend or closed one in Italy only to find that he’s not being able to use it for that same language barrier.

Well, i do not know about other electronic items, but can be sure of getting rid of this problem in Symbian mobile phones. Lang Switcher 1.4 is an Symbian freeware application that will provide you with various languages that you can switch over according to your desired language of operation. In simple words, it helps you to easily switch the language of your phone.

This app comes with following features :

  • you can appoint any key for switching the language (by scancodes)
  • set the rules for the program yourself
  • enable/disable autorun at your will
  • Partial support for touch screen mobiles
  • Support all languages firmwares
  • its free

Version 1.4 upgrades :

  1. Cured blinking screen when you switch the language.
  2. At the request of workers added to the choice of black or white list of rules for the programs, the details of the online help.
  3. Added possibility to change the position and size of the window L-wind.
  4. Bagofiksy interface;
  5. Ukrainian localization


  • Symbian s60 5th edition mobile phones

DOWNLOAD the Lang Switcher free for Symbian OS

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