Take Screenshots On Honeycomb Devices, Tablets With Screenshot ER

by mohit on June 25, 2011

All of you out there using a Android 3.0 or Honeycomb OS tablet(not for the Android mobile devices), must have experienced some problems taking the Screenshots from the tablet as taking a screenshot in Android is not a direct process and you need to have a rooted phone or use the developer tools to take a capture. But, the shortcoming seems to be taken care of by “Screenshot ER” – the first Android screen capture app to support rooted devices running Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

For Honeycomb devices, Screenshot ER is a nice tool to capture your screens. The app developed by XDA developers forum member, allows capture on any device with super user permissions, and is currently the only application capable of working on Honeycomb.  But there’s more to it. The app sports an assortment of options that can prove to be very handy in certain scenarios. In addition to the screen capture convention of snapping on shake, Screenshot ER has the ability to take timed screenshots via a homescreen shortcut and a notification icon, both of which can be enabled or disabled from the app’s settings menu.

Please note that Screenshot ER has been developed keeping Honeycomb tablets in mind, however, works on all versions of Android, from 1.6 to 3.0

As soon as the app is launched, the device will display a plain settings menu using which the users can enable or disable background service. You can set the app to take screenshots when the device is given a good shake, do the same when the notification icon in the status bar is tapped or both.

There is also an option of setting a delay of 1 – 15 seconds for the Snap on notification icon option. Snap on shake is instant. This option is only useful for display instances where the notification bar is visible. A handy feature, nonetheless.

You can save your screens as JPEG or PNG format. The free version of the application is not available on the Android Market as of yet. You will have to download it from the link provided below, transfer it to the SD card of your device and install using a file manager. Your device must be rooted for it to work.

Download Screenshot ER

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