Task Manager For Windows Mobile Phones and Pocket PCs

by mohit on December 12, 2009

Time will move on, technology will keep on advancing, the world will keep on getting flatter(increasing globalisation). Similarily, windows mobile apps will keep on increasing in number and usage. Its a great thing but at the same time it gets quite difficult for the windows mobiles’ owners to choose from a unending list of windows applications.

One app from the vast ocean of windows mobile applications is the Task manager application for windows mobile pocket pc. The Task manager application is a combination of several useful tools in just one tool. You may not find the name appropriate taking into consideration the stuff it provides now. But at the beginning it was just made to manage all running processes as the Task Manager does in Windows on a normal pc.



  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1


  • Each application tab can be disabled (if the application is not needed) from the Tabs and Buttons settings window. It includes Process manager, CPU usage & Application Manager
  • Service Manager
  • it also manages devices(only WM2005 and above) and Windows
  • Notification Manager
  • IP Config utility, Ping utility & Net Stats utility
  • Registry Editor
  • You can also run program utility Process manager i.e. It allows  you to stop or kill a given process.
  • Can activate the process if it has a window
  • Can see details of a process (via context menu) : modules (see exported functions), threads (can kill threads, change priority), windows (details, messages,…)
  • Shows CPU usage of each process.
  • Can close a process Application Manager: Activate an application, Close an application & Close all applications
  • Can see details of an application (via context menu) Service Manager: Start/Stop service, Set automatic or manual, Enable/Disable.
  • and many more, its a very long list.


I will definitely recommend it.

DOWNLOAD Task Manager free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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