TeaMachine – Make Delicious Tea On Your Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on December 2, 2009

Very often you find yourself in a situation when your mind, body and soul craves for a wonderful tea but you cant get off  your couch(waching some great movie) or your work table(doing some really important task). And the worst part is that when you dont have anyone around you to make a delicious tea for you.

Now, you are in a dilemma either to be in the kitchen waiting the tea to brew properly in front of your eyes and waste some very crucial minutes on the important task in hand or continue doind that work without taking a break only to compensate it with burned, bad tasting tea. Here comes the TeaMachine v1.00 to rescue.

This little, yet effective app helps you making delicous tea. All you need to do is Just select how long you want it to brew and continue with your work. When the appropriate time has come, a decent alarm will remind you to get the tea bag out. Simply go to the kitchen, get a cup of delicious tea in your hand and enjoy.



  • gently animated steam
  • finger friendly interface
  • nice alarm sound
  • super easy to use


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5 or 7

So all the tea-lovers who are owning the above mentioned windows mobile phones! what are you waiting for?

quickly download TeaMachine free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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