Tikona Broadband Data Plans Pricing, Bandwidth Limit, Speed

by Kabir on March 26, 2010

Yet another broadband service provider has been launched in the heavy and highly competitive Indian market for this sector. Tikona Broadband service is a product of Tikona digital networks, founded in 2008. The broadband service is based on the fourth generation OFDM wireless technology

No surprises when talking of the tariff plans provided by Tikona. It is available in a variety of plans and the user can choose the plan based on his/her requirement. A new concept which can be their USP is that it comes with a certain “Circuit Breaker” which enables the user to control their bill manually or otherwise.

Some of the plans of Tikona are provided below:-

Limited Speed Plans:

The following plans are available for 2MBPS speed:-

  • Rs. 299/- with a monthly usage limit of 1000 MB (extra usage for Re. 1/MB)
  • Rs. 499/- with a monthly usage limit of 1500 MB (extra usage for Rs. 0.80/MB)
  • Rs. 549/- with a monthly usage limit of 2500 MB (extra usage for Rs. 0.80/MB)
  • Rs. 999/- with a monthly usage limit of 5000 MB (extra usage for Rs. 0.80/MB)
  • Rs. 1249/- with a monthly usage limit of 7000 MB (extra usage for Rs. 0.80/MB)

Other Charges:

  • Installation charges: Charges for installation for all plans will be Rs.500/- which are non-refundable
  • Security Deposit: One time security deposit of Rs. 300/-, Rs. 500/-, Rs. 500/-, Rs.1000/-, Rs. 1500/- in the order of plans as above

Unlimited Speed Plans:

For unlimited usage three plans are available:-

  • Rs. 649/- pm providing a speed of 300kbps
  • Rs. 899/- pm providing a speed of 600kbps
  • Rs. 1249/- pm providing a speed of 1000kbps

Other Charges:

  • Installation Charges: This includes only Rs. 500/- which are non-refundable

Tikona Wi-Bro Broadband Plans:

Tikona Wi-Bro is bundled with an Anti Virus protection thus saving your computer and using this there is no need for buying or renting a separate router, thus saving you a sum of Rs. 2500/- annually. The plans are given below witha speed of 256 kbps:-

  • 400 MB – Rs. 250/- pm
  • 1 GB – Rs. 505/- pm
  • 400 MB day + night unlimited – Rs. 400/- pm
  • Unlimited 256 kbps – Rs. 999/- pm
  • Unlimited 256 kbps day + 512 kbps night – Rs. 1156/- pm
  • Night unlimited 512 kbps – Rs. 512/- pm (10pm-8am)

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