Track, Log Jogging, Walking Exercises On Windows Mobiles With 5,6,6.1

by mohit on July 28, 2010

One night before going to bed or one morning waking up from a good night’s sleep, suddenly the thought of being fit and healthy conquers your mind and you decide to hit the road and plan to take up all kinds of outdoor exercises like running, biking, hiking, inline skating and many other sports. Undoubtedly, it would be the best thought ever to strike your mind.

But you do not stop till that only. You decide to really keep an eye on your routine and track your speed and endurance levels, the distance that you are able run, bike, walk, etc and the exact amount of calories that you’d burn on any particular day. But how to track all these things?

The Windows Mobile Phone app SmartRunner v1.45 is the app that will perform all the above said tasks for you along with its other features. SmartRunner is the sportstracking and geotracking application which enables you to record your next run, biking trip, hike, walk, ride, or any other outdoor activity. The application informs you in real time about your average and maximum speed, distance and calories burnt.

The other unique thing about this application is that it also publishes these records on All you need to do is Sign up for a free webaccount at and you can archive your training history and undertake detailed analysis of tracks on maps and altitude profiles.

If you want, your uploaded tracks will be sent automatically to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networks. The members of this most active sports-enthusiastic community have already uploaded over 110,000 tracks. Do not think long to become its member.

SmartRunner App Main Features :

  • Sportstracking and geotracking for your Windows Mobile Device
  • Record distance, speed and calorie consumption
  • Upload route/track and share on Facebook, Twitter,, etc.
  • its a Freeware


DOWNLOAD SmartRunner free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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