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by Abhishek on October 7, 2008


CellTrack is software designed to fetch some relevant information about your phone such the cell id, signal strength, area code, battery signal level. When using CellTrack you can get your phone’s whereabouts very easily.

Features of CellTrack are:

1. CellTrack shows you the cell id which is the id from the actual cell, so knowing about the location of the phone is made easy with this.

2. CellTrack also shows you the local area code.

3. CellTrack also shows the codes of the nets in which you are currently roaming. For instance if you are in India and using Vodafone, the net field will show 262 for India and 02 for Vodafone.

4. The name field in CellTrack indicates the name of the cell you are currently in and the naming of the cell id done in a defined method. Your phone will only show the cell name only if you have enabled the CBS option.

5. CellTrack also indicates the signal strength and the signal quality of the network and is measured in percentage and db values.

6. CellTrack indicates the battery status also, where the red colour indicates the battery will be finished soon and there is urgent need of recharging the battery.

7. There are a number of settings which you can play with and explore under the settings tab.

8. CellTrack also keeps the record of the cell info by making log files and log modules.

Despite all these good features CellTrack also has some glitches

1. No support for CBS.

2. Frozen WCDMA signals.

Supported phones: all Symbian series 60 3rd edition phones.

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