Tranz- Free File Sharing and Networking Tool To Share Stuff Among Your Phonebook Contacts

by mohit on February 15, 2010

Sharing files with friends, siblings and others could never have been so easy. With a mobile application called Tranz, you can share any file with anyone that’s on your phonebook contacts list.

Tranz is a file sharing and networking application that enriches your mobile Internet experience. Using Tranz you can stay connected with your closest buddy list i.e. your phonebook. Sharing files could never have been so easy. Tranz lets you share any kind of files on your mobile with your phonebook network.


  • Private Send : Private Send is a feature that allows you to privately share any file with your friend and thus making Tranz a very personal tool.
  • Shout this file : Some files always are the talking point among your friends. This feature helps you to let your friends know which file is driving you crazy by adding your thoughts and shouting about the file.
  • Compose message : As the name suggests this feature lets you send direct messages to your friends. Built in such a way that it is simple to write and send to one or more friends like an email and very easy to view and reply like an sms.
  • Friend Suggestions : You can view the friend suggestions for Tranz users who are not on your phonebook but have you in their phonebook. Being a Tranz friend is always a two-way process thereby avoiding spam and making it more friendly experience.
  • Sync Friends : This lets you update your Tranz friends by syncing your phonebook.
  • Set download location : Choose and set download location of your choice for all the files that you receive via Tranz.


  • GPRS/3G support in your mobile.


  • the support for Java enabled handsets has been announced, but soon you can expect Symbian support also.

DOWNLOAD TRANZ for your mobile device with GPRS/3G support.

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