Trill – Best Twitter Client For Nokia S60 Non-Touch Devices

by mohit on August 14, 2010

There is good news for all those guys out there who are owning a Nokia S60(non-touch) device and are also Twitter freaks. ‘Good twitter apps’ was always a matter of concern for Symbian S60 platform because excluding Gravity (which comes with a high price tag in the app-world), they were rather hard to come by. And this seemed to be quite annoying considering the free Twitter apps that abound in the Android Market, the Apple App Store and even the BlackBerry App World.

So it was a most welcome news that came from the Spice Labs(a Mobile App company) that it is launching an app known as the “Trill” which would be the Twitter client for your Nokia device. This ‘state of the art’ twitter client for Symbian Series 60 3rd edition devices is available on the Nokia Ovi Store, and the best part is that its absolutely free. Trill allows you to manage your Twitter presence on the go.

So, without wasting any time, we grabbed a Nokia S60 3rd edition mobile device – Nokia E63 and downloaded Trill to review the app for our esteemed readers. One thing which was sure-shot all the way through was that if your priority is just the text and the the option to open links mentioned in tweets, this app is a clear ‘YES’.

Trill App Pros :

  • The interface is very attractive and easy to use.
  • There are 4 different tabs namely Home, Replies, Direct Messages and Public Timeline.
  • it is a decent, solid Twitter app if all one is looking for is the option to read and make some tweets and also check on one’s followers.
  • It is stable, quick, shows profile details, and allows you to search for other tweets and tweeters apart from doing basic stuff like making tweets, answering tweets and retweeting.
  • it is free

Trill App Cons :

  • you cannot edit your retweets
  • one can find registering the Twitter account slightly inconvenient
  • Not compatible with Touch devices i.e S60 5th edition devices(for now).

So, not the greatest of all, but definitely causing some thrill in the hearts of Nokia S60 device users.

You can download the app from OVI Store for FREE.

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