Turn your mobile camera into webcam with Smart Cam

by Abhishek on October 1, 2008


Smart Cam is a mobile application which turns the camera of your mobile into webcam which can be used very well along with your pc. Smart Cam is an open source application available as a fee download which converts your phone camera into webcam using the Bluetooth connectivity and it works fine on windows xp and vista.

Basic outline features of Smart Cam:

1. Smart Cam is basically developed for the Symbian series 60 phones with Bluetooth connectivity using which the integration of your phone cam with your pc is made easy.

2. What you need to get started is, just install Smart Cam in your pc and in your phone also. You need to have the application installed in both the terminals.

3. Connect the phone to pc via Bluetooth using the Smart Cam application interface.

4. Once you have connected to the pc what you need to do is to synchronize the phone with your pc so that you can easily make it function as your pc webcam.

5. Even if you don’t have a pc mounted webcam and want to do a video conferencing over internet or you just want to use any other video chat service, then with Smart Cam you can do this all but the only minimum requirement is that you must have a java and a Bluetooth enabled phone.

6. Smart Cam works very well with Skype and yahoo messenger where you can video chat with your friends using your phone’s cam.

So install the free Smart Cam and make full use of your phone camera.

Supported phones: all series 60 Symbian phones

Download Smart Cam

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BR November 10, 2008 at 1:43 pm

well, i have a motorola L9 phone, it has bluetooth, but my PC does not has bluetooth. can this software be used by connecting phone to PC using phone’s data cable.

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